• Runtime (in Minutes): 110
  • Writer/Director/Producer: Nnegest Likké
  • Producers: Jimmy Jean-Louis & Steven J. Wolfe
  • Lead Cast: Monica Calhoun, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Camille Winbush

SHE’S SEXY, SMART, SUCCESSFUL… AND STILL SINGLE Self-made career woman Vanessa A. Price can do bad all by herself. She’s got her own house, car, high paying job and a degree from Stanford. The only thing missing from her successful life is a good man. Secretly lonely, but always presenting a strong face to the world, Vanessa resolves to be single forever. Until she meets MAX, a handsome, mysterious, French-speaking foreigner who just may be her perfect match. But his radical lifestyle differences threaten to shake up her world and challenge everything she believes about love, relationships and what being a “strong” woman really means. This fresh, funny & sexy, romantic comedy-drama explores love and self-discovery from a bold, intelligent, thought-provoking perspective.