Kansas City FilmFest celebrates the power of storytelling as a shared cultural experience through the cinematic arts.  Our mission is to provide shared cinematic art experiences that entertain, educate and inspire audiences from children to adults. The Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee aspires to make the Kansas City FilmFest a major cultural event in Kansas City and the Midwest, attracting audiences and visiting artists from around the world.

About the Kansas City Film Festival

In its second decade, the Kansas City Film Fest is a juried film festival featuring more than 100 local, regional, national and international films.  The festival is held in April of each year and provides an opportunity for filmmakers to show their work in front of a live audience, compete for recognition in their respective categories, and win awards.  Over $200,000 have been awarded since its inception!

The festival also provides the city of Kansas City an opportunity to meet successful filmmakers, view emerging cinematography, and participate in question and answer sessions with filmmakers from around the world.

Special events include:

  • Crosscut
  • Women Making Movies
  • Cinema Jazz
  • Reel Spirit