Contigo is a waltz with family and tradition, close to the South Texas border. While the Alamo has been designated, by the United Nations, as a World Heritage site, equally noteworthy is the cultural heritage in the lower Rio Grande Valley. Contigo is a Sunday afternoon in San Antonio and a weekend at a conjunto music festival in San Benito. The project is based on a song written by one of the pioneers of conjunto music, Don Santiago Jiménez. It is performed in this video by his son, Santiago Jiménez Jr.

Jammin’ Shanghai

The glamorous and colorful Jazz scene of Shanghai has been long forgotten.Alec Haavik, an American Saxophone player, came to Shanghai in 2002 and joined The JZ Club – founded by local jazz bassist Ren Yuqing, which has revived the jazz culture in the bustling city. However, following twelve happy years at its location, it has to move out, but not before one last commemorative gig.In this film, all the local and international musicians and audience gather together to celebrate the last night of JZ Club. The owner of the JZ Club Ren Yuqing reveals some important question: Why Jazz? Why Shanghai? And how to restore the Jazz culture.

KOJO: A Short Documentary

KOJO is a short documentary on gifted twelve year old jazz drummer Kojo Odu Roney. In this candid interview, Kojo reflects on his tireless work ethic, the current state of Jazz music, learning from his mentor and father, Jazz saxophonist Antoine Roney and much more. Kojo’s charisma, sensibility, and passion are as mesmerizing as his drum skills and for the first time in this documentary he shares it with you.

Montage: Great Film Composers and the Piano

The stars of this film have been nominated for 73 Academy Awards and won 9. Their films have grossed over $20 billion worldwide. You know their work. But do you know them? Montage: Great Film Composers and the Piano chronicles what happened when celebrated pianist Gloria Cheng challenged the world’s greatest film composers – Williams, Newman, Giacchino, Broughton, Desplat and Davis – to write original pieces for solo piano. No movie. No orchestra. Just a composer and the blank page. Be a fly on the wall for these once-in-a-lifetime recording sessions that profile these titans of film music like we’ve never seen them before.

Soy Cubana

Winners of the 2016 CUBADISCO Award for best vocal group, the Vocal Vidas are a female a cappella quartet from Santiago de Cuba – the cradle of Afro-Cuban music. This documentary explores their unique sound and tells the story of crafting a musical career in a society in which artistic merit is not measured solely by economic success.