Dakota’s Pride 2.0

From the dark depths of the moment you learn that your child has Down Syndrome, tough questions arise. This engaging, character-driven documentary aims to celebrate differences, spread understanding, and highlight the raw beauty within every individual with special needs. Those featured in the film have distinct hardships, dreams, and paths of achievement. Now, a decade after the first film, their vast array of milestones and accomplishments will warm your soul. The outstanding individuals are able to graduate college, drive cars, receive recognition, find love, and show great courage. Dakota’s Pride 2.0 isn’t all blue skies, but it highlights that every individual with Down Syndrome is unique and special, just like the families they are born into. The film allows viewers to form a first-hand understanding of the reality of raising a child with Down syndrome, all while eliminating the broad and damaging stereotypes too often assigned to people with special needs.