The youthful folly of wanting to grow up too fast, as a girl and her little sister try to collect accoutrements from the once Wild West. The short/narrative music video is set to a reorganization of composer Antonín Dvořák’s popular 12th String Quartet. The piece, written on a visit to the United States in 1893, incorporates impressions of the country’s melting-pot folk music and its various ethnic influences. The film blends Cowboy Pop culture and Southwestern American Indian motifs and design. It was filmed on location in Panguitch (“Big Fish” in Paiute), Utah, an hour northwest of the famous Monument Valley.


Showcasing a little-known tribe in north-east India called the Uchoi, this film follows the steps of a young boy in search of his father. The audience will experience a bit of traditional Uchoi culture and dress. This is the first time Kokborok, the native Uchoi language, will have been featured in an American film festival.


CAT follows a young woman on a walkabout of sorts. She struggles with the visions and voices in her head, wrestles with god, discovers friendship and transforms the way she sees herself. The film’s haltingly quiet visual style conjures the character’s psychotic episodes, against the backdrop of breathtaking Oregon sites. Putting a sympathetic face to schizophrenia, ultimately, CAT is a story of acceptance and hope.


Over the course of one day in an inpatient psychiatric ward, we witness the intertwined stories of a man on the verge of discharge, an Orthodox Jewish woman whose newborns have strained her marriage, and a man whose treatment at the hands of the mental health system has devastating consequences.


Deep in Yunnan, China, simple peasant parents have raised a smart boy. But life for the family has become impossible financially, so the parents take jobs in a distant city. Promising to return on the new year, they leave their only son to live on his own. Loneliness sets in and the boy stumbles upon a lost piglet. He raises the pig as a member of his family. As the new year gets closer, the boy is forced to make a difficult choice: sell the pig and make a special dinner for parents , or keep his best and only friend.