9-12 categories

Competition is closed for 2017 Showcase

Come back in Fall 2017 for next round of competition for 2018 Showcase



Character movement created utilizing computer animation software in order to tell a story.

Create a sense of movement by bringing to life, inanimate objects, drawings, or clay to tell a story

Animation Scoring Guide

Maximum length:  3 minutes

See Copyright Statement at bottom



A nonfictional film that presents factual information about real people, places, and/or events in a narrative format. Must include an interview with an “expert” (someone knowledgeable on the film’s subject matter).

Documentary Scoring Guide

Maximum length: 5 minutes

See Copyright Statement at bottom

narrative (comedy/drama)


Fictional comedy or drama that tells a story. It must be a series of events with cause and effect relationship, (Narrative can be original work or adapted from public domain material)

Narrative Scoring Guide

Maximum length:  5 minutes

See Copyright Statement at bottom 

copyright statement


The following must be source referenced in credits at the end of the production:
* All music, sound effects, pictures and reference footage, whether original and/or non-original
* Original third party music, sound effects, pictures and reference footage may be used if permission by the owner/author is documented in writing and sent in with entry form
* Music, sound effects, pictures, and video clips purchased or available through filming or editing software is acceptable and must be referenced in the credits

Penalties due to Copyright Infringement:
* Other resources/websites for music, sound effects, pictures and reference footage that indicate “copyright-free” may not be completely and legally free for public or commercial use; the use of other so-called copyright-free websites will result in a three point penalty
* Winning productions failing to comply with copyright requirements will result in the film not being shown at the Reel Spirit showcase, website or other public screenings